2B or not 2B!

When I was thinking about what to name this website, I very quickly came to the 2B name.  Many years ago, one of our suppliers paid a visit to our distribution center.  It was a new owner of an existing supplier, a smallish import company from Minnesota.  He had been a lawyer and he was now the proud owner of an import company.  He was also overly fascinated with forecasting models.  He asked us several times how we forecast the sales for new items.  Someone, I think it was my boss and mentor  said something about using the seat of our pants.   He didn’t hear it and asked us to repeat what we said.  This is when one of us, I am not sure which told him that we use the 2B method.  He immediately readied his pen to paper and excitedly asked us to explain the model.  After telling him it was a patented method of forecasting that we developed and we were hesitant to share, we then proceeded to tell him that we take our right hand and grab our right buttock and use the left hand to grab the other and then we go by the seat of our pants.    The 2B method was born!

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